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Hi, my name is Garvin Jerome. I’m the owner of Success Martial Arts Academy in Sugar Hill, Georgia. I’d like to take a moment to thank you for considering our boot camp classes.

I’ve seen many kinds of people try our boot camp program – from the overweight to the physically fit. However, one thing that all of our best students have in common is a desire to succeed. With a positive attitude in your corner, you can accomplish any goal!

Experience the thrill of boot camp in Sugar Hill, GA

Experience the thrill of boot camp in Sugar Hill, GA

Boot camp is a challenging and exciting activity. It’s a full-body workout, focusing on a combination of kickboxing, plyometrics, and fitness cardio . Some of the physical benefits of our boot camp

  • Improving balance and flexibility
  • Increasing stamina and endurance
  • Boosting hand-eye coordination
  • Providing self-defense training
We cater to both novice and seasoned boot camp alike! Our studio is big enough to allow everyone plenty of room to maneuver. Also, we never overbook our classes.

As the lead instructor, I’ll tailor my instruction to your level of proficiency. Call 678-765-9602 to learn more about our boot camp classes in Sugar Hill, Georgia!

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